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Getting Started


(This person will serve in the role of “Assessment Administrator” for your organization.)


Membership Status &
Annual Membership Fee

Maximum Member Participation

Silver Corporate

Up to 5

Gold Corporate

Up to 10

Platinum Corporate


Regular Member

Regular members will be granted the option to participate in the Customer Engagement Framework at no additional cost during this one-time trial period (expires 12/31/15). 

During the trial, Regular Members will be temporarily upgraded to Silver Corporate status – allowing assignment of up to five individual corporate members.  During the 2016 membership renewal process, any regular members that have participated in the trial will automatically be invoiced for the Silver Level. 

In the event a trial participant opts not to renew or asks to return to Regular Membership Status, that participant and his/her organization will no longer have access to the Customer Engagement Framework Tool effective 12/31/15.


All data collected from members and non-members participating in the Customer Engagement Framework will be considered strictly confidential.  For security purposes, the data collected will be encrypted.  Your assessment responses and score will at no time be viewable by other assessment participants.  Access to assessment scoring will be limited to the designated Assessment Administrator for each participating organization.

Use of Company Name?

As the Assessment Administrator, we will need your help in identifying who from within your organization you’d like to invite to provide input to the framework.  A SOCAP staff member may need to update the individual profile within our membership database in order for you to assign them the role of “Assessment Participant”.   

The maximum number of participants (including you as the Assessment Administrator) is based on the allowable number of members assigned to your membership level (Silver – 5; Gold – 10; Platinum – Unlimited).  Please provide the name and contact information for each member of your organization you would like to assign to the role of “Assessment Participant”.  

SOCAP Platinum Member?