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What is the Framework?

  • It will be a strategic tool used to assess the current status of a customer care & engagement function and point the way to future enhancements – primarily B2C

  • It will allow our customer care & engagement community the ability to assess their present-day processes and methodologies, understand where they are currently, benchmark against best practices, and forecast for future improvements and performance.

  • Focuses on the belief that the maturity of a customer care and engagement function within a company is an evolutionary process. The maturity of each category may be different but still meets the needs of the organization.

The Framework provides an assessment in four categories:

  1. Strategy

  2. People

  3. Process

  4. Technology

There are four or five elements under each category for a total of 17 elements elements under each category for a total of 17 elements that cover all aspects of the customer care and engagement function. Based on the responses to the comprehensive list of questions within the assessment tool, participating companies are placed in one of four levels:

  1. Transactional

  2. Standardized

  3. Optimized

  4. Strategic Asset

SOCAP International's Customer Engagement Framework will provide customer care and engagement professionals with essential data, strategic insights and a broad perspective about how their operations compare to other companies. 
Read more about the Framework in this white paper here.

CX Solutions (formerly TARP) is partnering with SOCAP to provide  Customer Engagement Framework Participants with consultative services and the opportunity to take a deeper dive into their framework results.  Help your department and your organization move forward by analyzing each area measured in the framework and build a road map  for your future (additional fee required).  For more information regarding valuable consultation services and  to get the greatest ROI out of your Framework participation, please contact Tammy Cossairt at 703-910-2477  |

What's New About the Framework?

SOCAP has recently launched an online assessment tool designed to make your participation in the assessment even easier and offer you even greater value with these features:

  • Simple and convenient. Complete the assessment when and where it is most convenient to you.  The tool's start, stop and save features are especially helpful on those days when interruptions are unavoidable.

  • Get assistance in answering questions and obtain valuable input from your colleagues with the ability to assign additional assessment participants.

  • Instant feedback - Get immediate scoring to the assessment questions.

  • Track your progress over time. Take the assessment as many times and whenever your organization feels it is best. Make a major change in people, process or technology - take the assessment again after implementation and see how it impacts your position within the framework.