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What Customers Want

Even the most successful digital enterprises often don't have perfect consumer-oriented strategies in place to engage their customer base. Chief marketing officers need to put themselves in their customers' shoes by looking at the products and services they access in their personal lives through a digital channel. When taking this perspective, a marketing team can find flaws in even their most successful internet transactions.
--Scott Tayden, Marketing Land
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Through digital, brands sit on mountains of invaluable data and insights. Most companies use that data to stalk customers with ads and coupons. Yet that model is clearly failing. Only 47% of consumers are still willing to trade personal information for a deal, and that will surely continue to drop. Smart brands can do more: They can deliver tailored experiences and show customers they truly matter. It's rethinking loyalty as a brand-based strategy, not a customer-driven program.
--Audrey Sianki, 352inc
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We are all marketing. We are all customer service. So, tear down the meaningless, dangerous corporate walls that have traditionally separated the two, and you'll be eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to growth, loyalty, positive word of mouth and unbridled success.
--Jason Wesbecher, Entrepreneur
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According to Gartner, brands should be built around customer experience (CX) and not the other way around. This is where virtual reality has a strong advantage where engaging with the consumer and delivering great customer experiences are concerned....New use cases are being created every day. Futhermore, virtual reality can also be introduced in existing channels adding value to a point of sale for example. It has the potential of becoming an important element of the informed purchase journey of tomorrow.
--Nicholas Goupil, Informatica
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