SOCAP International

Ways to Celebrate


Are you doing enough to thank those connecting with your customers every day?

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate:

1. Celebrate Customer Service Week with a little help from Hallmark Business Connections. For qualifying orders* SOCAP members can receive 20% off of Service Fees and 20% off of Greeting Cards. *Click here for complete details.

2. Plan different ways to recognize team members all week. This may be with prizes, awards, yummy treats or even a happy hour. Don't forget to connect customer service week with strategy, click here to learn more.

3. Get festive by adding decorations throughout the office or customer service department to create awareness and increase engagement

4. Create a theme for the week to enhance the celebration, engagement and overall awesomeness of your week

5. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could be trained on/learn ___?” Consider adding these ideas to the agenda for your repsgive

6.Engage other departments, senior leadership and the Executive Office to join in on the fun and show their appreciation for all the work that the team does

7. Get the team out of the office for an afternoon of volunteering or other team-building activity

8. Share best customer service stories to reconnect everyone to the mission and vision of the company

9. End your week with a party! Whether it is lunch, happy hour, dinner or one big evening event, end your celebration on a positive note

10. Continue the momentum and find ways to celebrate customer service reps all year long! Don't forget all your supporting departments who help to deliver great customer service (fulfillment department/mail room, your social media team, your quality and product development and your internal help desk).

More Ways to Celebrate

11. Have your team create a video - asking them a single question. Post the videos on your website and share with your Executive Team. 

  • Tell me about your most memorable exchange with a consumer in the last year (can be funny, poignant, victorious, important, downright crazy)gift

  • What do you love most about working for Consumer Relations at ______________?

  • What do you love most about the customers/consumers you engage with every day?

  • What are the latest trends? What’s different this year as you celebrate Customer Service Week?

12. Top agents have the privilege of:

  • Throwing the ball at the dunk tank (usually bosses are the ones that get wet)

  • Pieing your supervisor's face

13. Have managers/supervisors and people from the Executive Office wash the cars of the highest performing members of the team

14. Collage – have the team members create an art project that reflects what they love about being a customer service representative– provide craft supplies and old magazines. Post their works of art proudly!

Cupcakes15. Beads – You can give your team members beads that signify different CSR milestones – Beads might represent some of the following:

  • Years of Service

  • # of times they met or exceeded monthly metrics

  • Completion of training modules or certification

  • A bead for each customer compliment (when someone calls or writes  a letter thanking them) or a bead for each month that they achieved a satisfaction rating of X or above

16. Thank your reps by thanking their family members for lending them to us every day.Thanks

  • Movie Night - Movie tickets for each member of the family

  • Gift Cards for Pizza or a Take Out Dinner at the Restaurant of Choice 

17. Sharing the Voice of the Consumer and Teammates - Have team members participate in monitoring their co-workers – each have to nominate one call from the week that they think is exemplary. The nominating rep would introduce the call and provide a one sentence remark about why they selected that particular one and play it for the whole group.

Celebrate with games and activities throughout the week (office Olympics, jeopardy, decorating contests)

19. We slip an email into our general queue with the message "Congratulations, you've found the secret email! " The email can be exchanged for a gift card to an online store or extra time off during Customer Service Week (full day or half depending on business needs).

20. Do you have more ideas to add to this list? Submit your idea below!