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Breakout Sessions

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  • Customer Engagement: Aligning Inside to Win on the Outside
    Sean Ellis, Customer Experience Partner Operations Manager - North America, Airbnb
    Matt Wheatley, Vice President of Customer Experience (CX), 24-7 Intouch

    It is a common misconception that the customer journey is the sole responsibility of operations teams and contact center agents. If you can align all departments to your customer engagement strategy, you can reap huge benefits like enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction. This session will take a fresh perspective on the customer journey and will identify key areas of your organization that tie into your customer engagement strategy. It will also demonstrate how having a successful customer engagement strategy creates operational and cultural alignment that engages your entire organization, generates excitement, innovation, and continuous improvement and growth.


  • Mobile Strategies that Matter
    Lorraine Avery, Senior Vice President and Strategic Director of Bank Operations, Associated Bank
    Lisa Oswald, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Travelzoo
    Tom Asher, Vice President and General Manager, Action Company 

    Join us for a hands-on workshop examining how to develop mobile strategies to meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile-enabled consumers. To set the stage, we’ll hear several examples of mobile best practices from Travelzoo and Associated Bank. Next, we’ll break into facilitated roundtables to discuss a case study of a simulated CPG company tasked with introducing consumer affairs and marketing strategies into the mobile channel to drive sales and engagement. Then “Shark-Tank” style, each table will present its recommended solutions to this business challenge.

    Participants will leave with:

    1. Practical experience evaluating and developing mobile strategies and
    2. An understanding of how mobile strategies can help their companies and consumer affairs teams provide a more relevant and meaningful consumer experience. It will be a high-stakes and enjoyable learning experience - come ready to contribute!mobile_strategies

  • How your Call Center Can Benefit From a Customer Engagement Center
    Céline Dumais, Vice President, Consumer Command Center, L'Oréal
    Gary Sing, Principal Architect, Salesforce

    What exactly is a customer engagement center (CEC)? 
    A CEC has evolved from the standard call center of several decades ago, to now include multiple channels where customers can engage with companies. Contributing to this growth and change is the blend of social media and communities’ engagement with CRM (customer relationship management) software. CECs also serve more traditional channels like phone, Internet, and email. The goal of a CEC is to provide customer service and support in each of the above channels, by implementing various technologies and business applications. What distinguishes a CEC is its ability to retain context about customers as they move across channels, while offering a personalized and engaging experience. 

    Why does your business need a CEC?
    Because a customer engagement platform is vital to succeeding in today’s environment. Customers now demand service on their terms. They want an experience that requires minimal effort and to find a solution to their issue easily. They expect service on every device, on every channel, and at anytime. Most importantly, they want you to understand who they are and any past interactions you’ve had with them. CECs, which can be scaled to any size organization, are even beneficial to small businesses, where every employee is typically asked to provide customer service in one way or another. By equipping employees with real-time customer information, they have the ability to solve customer issues faster, resulting in a better customer experience.


  • Instant Gratification - Kellogg's Chat and Jockey's Text Journey
    Carie Wolters – Kellogg Company (participating remotely);
    John Cronce – Jockey International, Inc.;
    Dave Poeschl – Alta Resources

    Kellogg and Jockey are delivering service to consumers in the channels that best fit the experience. Partnering with Alta Resources, Kellogg has launched chat to support a fully revamped Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. Jockey, with a focus on ecommerce, recently launched SMS text. In this session, Kellogg, Alta Resources, and Jockey will share their experiences implementing these channels, and will reveal findings along the journey, including the influence of CSAT feedback.


  • SOCAP's Customer Engagement Framework: Real-World Application and Success at Domino's
    Terri Haffey, Manager of Customer Care, Domino's Pizza LLC
    Jeff Borcherding, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Astute Solutions

    The SOCAP Customer Engagement framework has enabled Domino’s to benchmark operations, identify improvement areas and set priorities. Join Terri Haffey and Jeff Borcherding to learn how Domino’s and Astute Solutions are partnering to make Domino’s customer care team a strategic asset. Find out how Terri’s team is building loyalty among Domino’s consumers and providing the company with compelling insights gleaned from the contact center. Terri and Jeff will show how smart consumer engagement software can positively impact people, processes and technology to take customer engagement to the next level.



  • Omnichannel vs. Multichannel: Opportunities and Impact on Customer Engagement
    Lorraine Avery, Senior Vice President and Strategic Director of Bank Operations, Associated Bank
    Jon Cronce, Director of Contact Center, Jockey International, Inc.
    Lisa Diehl, Manager of Customer Relations, Orbitz Worldwide
    Mike Wilke, President, Wilke Global
    Moderator: Linnea Johnson

    Omnichannel customer care can mean different things to different people. The definition can vary by company, by industry and by the size of the organization. In the true spirit of the term, omnichannel refers to customer touch points across every possible channel, which can include brick and mortar, web, social, phone, mobile and chat. From this description, omnichannel means ideally that your company is wherever your customers are and that you have integrated platforms to fully engage with customers through whatever channels they want. However, even with the most advanced technology platforms, are companies truly delivering omnichannel customer care? Or is it more multichannel care? What will be the impact of omnichannel on engagement in the future? This session, designed for executive leaders, will address these questions with an interactive panel of leading brands and organizations. Join Associated Bank, Jockey International, Orbitz and Wilke Global for a facilitated discussion on the role of omnichannel vs. multichannel.


  • Voice Analysis and the Evolution of Customer Analytics
    Jack Sullivan, N.A. CEC Lead, Consumer Engagement Center, Unilever
    Koren Stucki, Vice President of CEM Consulting, Clarabridge

    Your consumer engagement strategies will never be successful if you don’t know and understand your consumers. Consumer analytics technology provides a window into consumer wants and needs, likes and dislikes, so you can know your consumers better and engage with them more authentically.

    In this session, Unilever and Clarabridge will provide an overview of consumer analytics today as well as discuss the ways that analytics will change in the future—for example, the rise of voice analysis to capture the content and sentiment of call center calls. Unilever will discuss how they are using call analysis to both influence product strategy and boost consumer engagement, and how their Voice of the Consumer program has shifted from merely an operational function to a source of marketing intelligence.

    Participants will learn:

  • The ways that technology is evolving to capture consumer sentiment from new data sources, such as call recordings

  • The importance of combining structured and unstructured data analysis for a complete view of the customer experience

  • How omni-channel consumer analytics leads to deep consumer insights and, ultimately, better consumer  engagement

  • Storytelling Data for Executives and Senior Management
    Maura Ehlebracht, Director of Consumer Affairs, Dean Foods
    Michelle Mitchell, Customer Experience Optimization Manager - Guest Relations, IHG
    Carlos Suarez, NUSA CES Manager, Nestlé USA
    Dan Sutton, Systems Supervisor, Unilever

    Knowing and leveraging your data is a critical component of successful engagement strategy. In this session you will learn how to tell a story with your data, to look beyond the numbers, and share valuable insights that resonate with executive management. A panel of experts from Dean Foods, Nestle, Unilever, and the Intercontinental Hotel Group will provide practical tips and offer perspectives on preparing reports for your management team that will support decision making and effective business leadership.


  • The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business 
    Chip Horner, Worldwide Director of Global Consumer Affairs, Colgate-Palmolive Company
    Richard Shapiro, President, The Center for Client Retention

    Most organizations look at the customer one transaction at a time; a tactical error. In his new book, The Endangered Customer, Richard has developed a comprehensive model to optimize the customer experience. He looks at the emotional side of any customer interaction, starting with hope and always ending with a sense of feeling wanted and appreciated. 

    How can this new engagement strategy be best employed in a consumer affairs environment? How do you show your consumers they are relevant? Hear how the Colgate-Palmolive Company is evaluating these relationship-building concepts and how they plan to implement them into conversations with consumers.
    • Learn the 8 steps that comprise the engagement strategy
    • Understand how human emotions can positively impact loyalty
    • Discover the proper way to welcome customers to your brand
    • Segment your email correspondence into three components to communicate more effectively with your customers
    • Invite your customers to return; a critical step in customer engagement


  • Get Proactive: How to adapt to the evolution of consumer engagement in 2016
    Joseph Schwartz, Business Development Manager, Frontpoint
    Valerie Saponara, Brand Reputation Specialist, Frontpoint
    Zac Carman, CEO,

    This session will review current consumer behaviors, trends the ConsumerAffairs team has uncovered within their own audience, and predict some of the upcoming trends in consumer feedback and engagement that brands should look out for as we prepare for 2016.



  • Workplace 2020: What will be The New Normal? (The Contact Center of the Future, Part 3)
    Marie Shubin, Director, Global Consumer Relations, E & J Gallo Winery
    Shelley Elkins, Director of Member Services, Dollar Shave Club
    Jeff Christofis, Vice President, KellyConnect Global Operations Lead, Kelly Serivces, Inc.
    Beth Ziff, Vice President of Operations, Premiere Response

    What do you foresee in the 2020 workplace? Have you considered the impacts to your company and to your customers?

    Join in the discussion with a panel of Customer Care and HR professionals who will discuss:
    • Moving from a work “here” to a work “everywhere” environment
    • Humology – the convergence of humans and technology
    • Social technology – the vast array of tools to facilitate communication, learning, and collaboration
    • Work/life flexibility – what does this mean to the company culture
    • Workforce diversification – recruiting and engaging teams who broaden the exchange of ideas and knowledge




  • Moments that Matter: Google's Journey to Customer Success
    Joe DeMike, Head of the CX Lab, Google, Inc.

    Pay-per-click advertising has innovated and disrupted the marketing world. Still less than two decades old, Google's meteoric rise has quickly created advertising customers across the globe in 46 languages. While web-based products are intuitive for some, others struggle with the explosive growth of terminology, features, and capabilities. Learn how Google has developed world-class customer satisfaction in the tough-to-serve SMB market, despite its technocratic culture and user-first (not customer-first) philosophy. Google took experimentation to new heights when they created a Customer Experience laboratory, and applied advanced principles of behavioral economics to the field of customer support.


  • Chat as a Sales and Service Channel: Is it Right for You?
    Lisa Oswald, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Travelzoo
    David Lewy, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Knoah Solutions

    Gain an in-depth perspective of chat with a clear understanding of the benefits and differences in using Live Chat, Proactive Chat and Click-To-Chat methods for your business in both a service and sales environment. Learn hands-on fundamentals of an internal and/or 3rd party chat program launch that you can take back to your organization.


  • The "Un-Session" - Open Round Table Discussions
    Moderator: Kim McMiller, Associate Director of Consumer Relations, Kraft Heinz Company

    Based on the popular Round Table sessions, this "un-session" is an opportunity for attendees to informally discuss any topic of interest to them.  Whether reviewing details of presentations that captured your attention, or just swapping stories of lessons learned, anything goes!  Bring your questions and observations and prepare to chat with other SOCAP members.


SOCAP's 2015 Annual Conference Cancellation Policy:
Refunds for cancellations must be made in writing (via email to to the SOCAP National Office. A processing fee of $250 per registration will be charged on refunds received on or before September 18, 2015. No cancellations or refunds after September 18, 2015. Substitutions will be gladly accepted at no charge until October 2, 2015. A $175 fee per registration will be charged on any substitutions made after October 2, 2015. Registration transfers to future meetings will not be accepted.