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Southwest Regional Chapter - How Do You Leverage Technology to Provide a Frictionless, Low Effort Customer Experience?

August 18, 2017

Customer Effort

It’s hard to pick up a magazine or turn to the news without hearing about how technology and automation is changing our world and rapidly shaping the customer experience.

Technology is giving customer care professionals more automation options than ever before. This automation can actually help reduce friction by getting the customer the right answer quickly.

Customer care leaders need to know what to automate, what not to do, and what the overall impact will be on the customer experience.

So, the SOCAP Southwest Regional Chapter is pleased to present an innovative and practical technology workshop with leading technical and business solutions experts, each with a different perspective. Join us as we explore the answers to these questions and arm ourselves with knowledge for the future of customer experience.

Some of the questions answered will be

  • What is AI?
  • What are Chatbots?
  • Who is using them today and for what purpose?
  • In what ways do we think it will impact consumer engagement today and in the future?
  • What are the type of software and hardware needed to use these tools and implement them into our operations?
  • What role can the digital employee play in customer care?
  • How do we blend the digital employee with the human employee?



  • Keynote Speaker - Dan Fox – Director of Business Development, Speech & Language Technologies - Interactions LLC –“Free Your Customers from the Maze…Why It’s All About Lowering the Customer Effort”
  • Tobias Goebel, Aspect – Director of Emerging Technologies – An Outlook of Where AI and Chatbots are Going… Tobias will talk about how can we distribute work with the digital employee and the human employee. He’ll also share some examples of return on investment using automation.
  • We’ll also have a panel discussion featuring several Subject Matter Experts from Aspect, Interactions, Genesys and BrightPattern on the Technologies used to reduce customer effort.

When (Event Schedule)

Friday, August 18, 2017
1:30pm - 2:00pm Registration 
2:00pm - 2:45pm  Customer Effort Matters
Dan Fox, Interactions LLC
Insights from comprehensive research recently conducted by Interactions
2:45pm - 3:30pm How AI and Chatbots are Changing the Customer Experience and Where We Could Start
Tobias Goebel, Aspect
3:30pm - 3:45pm  Refreshment Break 
3:45pm - 4:30pm  Expert Panel Discussion 
4:30pm - 4:50pm  Sponsors Showcase 
4:50pm - 5:00pm  Summary Close 
5:00pm - 6:00pm  Networking 
6:00pm  Informal Dinner with Group 


Beach House Hotel
1300 The Strand Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Event held in Pacific Room


(Light refreshments will be served. Dinner not included.)

  • Members  $50
  • Non-Members  $75

SOCAP CHAPTER EVENT REGISTRATION CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds for cancellations must be made in writing (via email to to the SOCAP National Office. No cancellations or refunds five full business days (Monday-Friday) before the Chapter Event. Registration transfers to future Chapter Events will not be accepted.

Thank you Aspect, Genesys, Interactions, Performant and Salesforce for sponsoring this event!