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SOCAP Canada Community

SOCAP’s Canada Community provides educational resources and training with a special emphasis on distinctly Canadian consumer practices. The SOCAP Canada Community is an excellent opportunity for members to network directly with Canada’s top leaders in customer care. Resources for this community will be delivered mostly in English and, when possible, in French.

For SOCAP members who live in Canada or work closely with Canadian consumers, it is absolutely vital to focus on the market trends, customer expectations and diverse demographics that are unique to Canadians.

SOCAP's Canada Community Consists of these Local Regional Areas:


Key Benefits of the SOCAP Canada Community: 

  • Teleconference Calls — The Community Teleconference calls provide members the opportunity to discuss hot topics and relevant issues and to offer solutions through sharing best practices, advice and feedback.  Conference calls are scheduled throughout the year. To suggest a topic, contact SOCAP International or a member of the SOCAP Steering Committee.
  • Meetings — SOCAP's Canada Community meets fairly regularly and is always open to suggestions for new meeting topics and activities--keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming meeting dates!
  • Local Networking — The Canada Community enables members to connect regionally through local networking opportunities. For more information about local programming or to get involved, contact SOCAP International or a member of the SOCAP Steering Committee.
  • Information and Research — The Community will publish at least one annual white paper on issues unique to Canadian consumers for publication by SOCAP International. If you are interested in participating on the 2016 White Paper, please contact SOCAP International.

Get Involved :

Connect with a member of the SOCAP Canada Community Steering Committee and lend your talents to building our community!

The SOCAP Canada Community Steering Committee provides direction and program insight based on the core vision and goals of the SOCAP Canada Community and SOCAP International. Committee Members also represent their geographical regions —  Central Canada, Ontario and Québec Canada to inform the committee on distinct marketplace issues unique to each respective region and to provide local networking opportunities.