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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Congratulations to our recent Esther Shapiro Award Winner, Chip Rhode!

Chip Rhode 2017 Esther Shapiro Award Winner

Thank you for all of your contributions over the years, Chip! Esther would be proud!

Past Events and other documents...

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SOCAP-GLC_FlyerTemplate_April2018event SOCAP-GLC_FlyerTemplate_April2018event My Pic photo-6567982441562112 photo-5986798875574272 photo-5955911484047360 photo-5938986225893376 photo-5879872711950336 photo-5308917610577920 20180126_140917-EFFECTS 20180126_143430 20180126_141615 DAC Reading Room 20180126_141022 Chip Rhode 2017 Esther Shapiro Award Winner 20180126_093633 20180126_123233 20180126_093516 20180126_095012 20180126_104640 20180126_123527 SOCAP DAC Flyer 2018 Portrait Style Flyer - December 2017 Event Draft A chatbot-ecommerce Gleaners Foodbank Flyer 20170615_163737 20170615_181841 20170615_163648 20170615_113150 20170615_101929 20170615_140124 20170615_101614 20170615_112343

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Thursday, August 25 (Best Practices Event)

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