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SOCAP White Papers

White papers are available for download to SOCAP members.  Interested in membership?  Click here!


  • Now Arriving: Big Data in the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Sector
    This In this white paper, SOCAP International, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, looks at the real opportunity of Big Data and how Big Data is changing the HTT sector. SOCAP represents over 100 brand name companies, many offering hospitality, travel and tourism services. This
    discussion begins with the big picture. How is Big Data and data analytics causing a paradigm shift in the HTT experience, and how are companies seeking to remain on the right side of business success adapting their operations to be competitive?

  • A Customer Care Perspective on Big Data
    This white paper explores Big Data as a challenge and an opportunity for customer care organizations. Produced by SOCAP International, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, it is intended to help its members—customer care executives at leading brand name companies—identify the issues, see the possibilities and parse the options in advancing a game‐changing Big Data agenda.

  • A Seat At the Table: The Role of Customer Care in Social-Media Success
    As little as a year ago, it was acceptable for customer care to refer to their involvement in social media as “dipping their toe in the water” or “just dabbling in it.” Social media was controlled by a select few in the marketing or public relations department who were exercising control over the brands and calling the shots about what messaging would go out to customers, and when and where there would be involvement. It was not exactly a one-way street, but companies for the most part were still exercising some control, and customer service was on the sidelines.

  • Eliminating Consumer Confusion: How to Respond to Consumer Inquiries
    As consumers continue to utilize the Internet as a source for accurate health information, it is imperative that consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies come together to establish universal responses to common consumer health and ingredient questions. Inconsistent answers from one company to the next can confuse the consumer and lead to an increase in consumer frustration. To help eliminate consumer confusion, the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Committee of SOCAP developed a survey that addressed how CPG companies handle and respond to consumer inquiries on specific issues.


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