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SOCAP International's Webinar Series delivers industry-leading education right at your fingertips.  SOCAP webinars feature prominent speakers and subject matter experts on the hottest topics facing customer care today.  Get the information you need to stay abreast of emerging trends, key regulations and the newest technologies!

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  • 5 Ways to Write Great Chat to Customers Plus a Plan for Measuring Chat
  • Best Practices for Surveying Your Customers
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Upcoming Webinars




  • Wednesday, August 6, 2014 (3-4pm ET)

Game Changing Speech Analytics

Presented by Rick Daley, ContactUs Communications; Lisa Taubler, Scotts Miracle-Gro

We all know the critical importance of the Voice of the Customer conversations that take place in our centers every day.  But chances are the internal stakeholders throughout your organization aren’t even aware of the goldmine of information discussed in these calls.  Your team can bring those nuggets to life when speech analytics technology is introduced.

Rick Daley along with Lisa Taubler of Scotts Miracle-Gro, will share  some specific “wins” they’ve realized through the use of speech analytics to drive change and lower costs.  They will highlight the valuable intelligence and sometimes unexpected data they’ve gleaned from this year’s spring activity and compare them to last year’s key learnings.  

Whether it’s reducing the learning curve of your new team or simply identifying the top business-critical codes that have the most direct impact on quality and compliance, this session will help illustrate the process they’ve used and the improvements gained in agent performance, greater business intelligence to overall continuous improvement.

You will learn:

  • How to determine which internal customers might benefit from your VOC data
  • How to determine what’s relevant to different stakeholders within your organization
  • Why it’s important to push info to your internal customers, even when they haven’t asked for it
  • How speech analytics can be used to reduce new hire attrition and flatten the learning curve

You will receive:

  • A copy of the Scott’s Miracle-Gro Case Study on Performance Management*

*Webinar participants will be provided with instructions on how to receive a post-session copy of the case study during the session.

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  • Thursday, September 18, 2014 (2-3pm ET)

Navigating Your Customer Care Through Global Expansion

Presented by 24-7 Intouch and The Children's Place

Growing markets and customer demands are calling for companies to further grow their support and expand globally, a common rising trend.

The need to expand globally is becoming increasingly evident, but how do you effectively plan, navigate, and manage your teams to expand while maintaining service standards?

In this webinar, 24/7 Intouch and The Children’s Place address strategies that have enabled them to support their team through the initial transition and on-going management of globalization:



Determining what you’re expanding and how/why you’re supporting (channel, languages, etc.)

How to deploy your global support in phases

What processes are most important to replicate and monitor as you transition

Finding the right balance of customer care teams (channels and geography)



How to leverage and work with multiple teams in different geographies

What KPI’s to manage and maintain consistency on

How to maintain consistency on those KPI’s


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