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2013 Symposium: Trend Sessions

Big Data: What's In It For Me?

Facilitated by John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC and featuring Jeanne Jones, ConAgra Foods; Josh Hemann, FICO; and Lisa Oswald, Travelzoo

Big Data is another buzz word that is getting lots of play in the business world. Is it a fad or something you need to master if you are to survive professionally? What does Big Data really mean for the customer care function? This session will cover the basics so that you can be driving the big data bus as opposed to getting run over by it. John Goodman of CCMC will set the stage by framing the Big Data issue and will facilitate a discussion with a panel of top industry brands, including ConAgra Foods, to address the following strategic questions:

  • What is big data? What are the sources that feed it?

  • What is the role for the customer care professional and who are the other key players (e.g., including marketing, market research, IT and quality)?

  • What are the benefits for the company overall and Consumer Affairs

  • What are the pitfalls?

  • How do you get started? How to create a small success versus a big disaster?

Emerging Trends and Innovations: How Ubertrends Are Reshaping Our Future

Presented by Michael Tchong, Founder of MacWEEK, Author and Innovation Specialist

Our world is changing at warp speed. Massive trends, like Time Compression, Digital Lifestyle, and Unwired are re-engineering our lifestyle. In an exhilarating ride through the landscape of now, audiences learn how these changes impact business deliverables. Find out how to best position your company to prepare for these rapid changes and what the ubertrends mean for customer engagement in the future.

2013 COPC-SOCAP Benchmarking Study: Benchmarking Multi-Channel Integration, Voice of the Customer, and Organizational Performance Metrics

Presented by Cliff Moore, Co-Founder and Chairman, COPC; with Industry Panelists: Tammie Duncan, Delta Air Lines; Dorothy 'Dot' Esola, Campbell Soup Company; Heidi Gould, Delta Air Lines; and Colleen Hebel, Maple Leaf Foods

Using the findings from the new 2013 SOCAP-COPC Benchmarking Study, this Trend Session will provide a better understanding of how your organization stacks up to similar organizations when compared by size, industry, and type. Cliff Moore, President and Founder of COPC, will spotlight current trends and opportunities regarding Multi-Channel Integration and Voice of The Customer, in addition to the six-year benchmarking of Organizational Structure, Social Media, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational Metrics. This session will also feature insights from various industry brands on how to apply and leverage these major findings.

2012 Symposium: Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds for cancellations must be made in writing (via email) to the SOCAP National Office. A processing fee of $250 will be charged on refunds received on or before April 12, 2013. No cancellations after April 12, 2013. Substitutions will be gladly accepted at no charge until April 12, 2013. A $150 fee will be charged on any substitutions made after April 12, 2013. Registration transfers to future meetings will not be accepted.

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