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You recognize the value of attending SOCAP conferences, but how do you communicate that to those responsible for approving your professional development requests? We know that travel and training budgets are tight, and it’s difficult to get approval to attend events and conferences, which is why we’re here to help!

One of the best ways to get approval to attend a conference is to connect your responsibilities, goals and challenges to your conference experience. Listed here are some goals common to our attendees, as well as the ways in which SOCAP meets these needs, so you can make a strong case for attending.



How SOCAP Supports Your Goal

Objectively evaluate products, services, tools and solutions needed to deliver excellent customer care.

SOCAP does not advocate particular technologies, products or companies. Instead, through breakout sessions, in-depth workshops and an exclusive exhibit hall, we help you explore the options so you can make decisions that are right for your organization.

Make better decisions for your team, project and organization.

After attending a SOCAP conference, you will leave with the latest tools, strategies, and resources for delivering superb customer care at your fingertips. Effectively incorporate cutting-edge trends and best practices into your daily strategy.

Learn how other companies are delivering customer care.

SOCAP conferences offer the ultimate networking experience. Meet hundreds in YOUR field, dealing with the same challenges you face.

Justification Tools

Prior to the conference, you are likely to have to convince your manager(s) to invest their professional develop funds in your attendance at the conference. To help you build the case to ensure you get the most out of your SOCAP experience, utilize the tools below:


ROI (Return on Investment)

How much would it cost for you not to attend a SOCAP conference? Learn how to justify your professional development costs and how you could actually save money through your conference attendance.

Click here for the ROI Worksheet.

Customizable Letter to Management

Customize this letter and provide your manager with a detailed explanation of the education you'll receive at the SOCAP 2012 Annual Conference. 

Click here for your Customizable Letter to Management.

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