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2012 Annual Conference: Breakout Sessions

Segmenting Customers to Build Loyalty (Advanced Session)
Presenter: Richard Shapiro, The Center for Client Retention

Consumer Affairs can dramatically increase their department's ROI by segmenting how they connect with consumers based on pre-contact loyalty. All consumers fall into the categories of prospective, first time, occasional or exclusive users of the brand. Representatives should be trained to deliver targeted messages that reflect the purchasing behaviors of the specific consumer who is contacting their company. By tailoring the script for both telephone and Internet initiated contacts, representatives will convey a more welcoming message that will significantly increase customer loyalty overall. This session will also include recommendations for implementing The Greet, The Assist and The Leave Behind from the session presenter’s new book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business. Case studies will also be shared with the audience to assist in educating the attendees on the concepts being discussed throughout the presentation.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to segment consumers by loyalty classification
  • What the benefits are of segmenting consumers by loyalty classification
  • How implementing the concepts of The Welcomer Edge can be used to further augment consumer loyalty and the department's ROI
  • Why using active listening skills are a critical component of building rapport and making a more meaningful consumer / brand connection

From Loyalty to Advocacy...No Longer a Choice
Speakers: Michele Crocker, The Castleford Group; Dawn Stevenson, Stamps.com; Marie Shubin, E&J Gallo Winery; Diane Ortega, Toyota

Learn from our expert panel of SOCAP members why today, more than ever driving both employee and customer loyalty to advocacy is no longer a choice for organizations. Our panel of seasoned Consumer Affairs Leaders will provide a range of practical examples of what they are doing to design and deliver a compelling branded customer experience that creates “raving fans.” Participants will benefit from learning the latest key programs and initiatives being implemented across different industry types to help organizations win on the customer experience. In addition, learn how to firmly hard wire the voice of the customer into your company DNA and put Consumer Affairs firmly at the seat of the C-Suite Table and gain executive leaderships full engagement of the customer agenda.

After this session, you will walk away with:

  • Practical examples of what other organizations are doing to create customer and employee advocates, from a small to larger scale business operation
  • The rich dialogue that motivates leaders to go back and implement these practical ideas in their company
  • A "pilots checklist" of metrics to drive and sustain employee and customer loyalty


Preparing for Mobile Dominance: Current and Future State of Mobile Engagement

Speakers: Stephanie Whittingham, Group Commerce; Denton Chase, AHC; Matt Cockell, 24-7 Intouch

One billion consumers will have smartphones by 2016. US consumers alone will own 257 million smartphones and 126 million tablets (Forrester). Smartphones and mobile devices this year have outsold the number of PCs, and will continue to over the next few years. As the medium changes, so should the level of engagement. This presentation will illustrate some examples of the current state of mobile engagement, and how businesses are leveraging this increasingly preferred interaction channel. 24-7 Intouch will introduce how mobile ties in as part of a company’s multichannel strategy. Case examples will be explored by mobile experts, Group Commerece providing ideas of current implementations. Future applications will then be explored using brand examples of how businesses are planning to take advantage.

Through this session, you will learn:

  • How to include mobile engagement as part of an existing customer service and sales multichannel strategy
  • How to simplify interactions with consumers while creating a meaningful connections
  • How to leverage applications to increase conversions and CSAT

Who is on your Frontline in Social Media? Leveraging your Contact Center to Implement your Engagement Strategy
Presenters: Suzanne Henricksen, The Clorox Company; Christien Smeja, Marketwire; Josh Winkler, HGS

The Clorox Company, along with their key business partners, will share a case study that illustrates how they have successfully implemented their social media engagement strategy utilizing their frontline contact center team. Hear about their journey and the tactics, strategy and collaborative efforts required to be successful with consumer engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Discover how you can empower the representatives within your own organization to be armed and ready on the social frontline while also learning best practices and guidance on approach.

The session will cover:

  • Drivers that led to the Clorox decision to empower their frontline contact center staff to engage in social media
  • The planning and processes, including the tools and collaboration, required to get buy-in, build internal confidence and develop a world class social team of frontline representatives, and
  • Key milestones and how to measure success at both the call center and corporate through social KPIs and reporting.

How Detroit and the Big 3 Got In the Driver's Seat
Presenter: Jim Moloney, General Motors Company; Rosemary O'Malley, Ford Motor Company; Rick Thornton, Chrysler Group; Chad Schaeffer, 3CSI

Hear from the social customer care leadership panel of Detroit's Big 3 on how they successfully launched their social customer service presence online.

Key discussion topics will include:

  • Social Service vs Social Media
  • Starting Small and Proving Value
  • Aligning Social Care Internally
  • Where Do Customers Expect Service?
  • Strategies/Goals/Metrics of Social Service Programs
  • Social Customer Success Stories
  • Challenges in Managing Social Customer Care.

How to Write High-Quality Chat to Customers (There's More to it Than Typing Fast and Pushing Links)
Presenter: Leslie O'Flahavan, E-WRITE

Writing high-quality chat to customers looks easier than it is. Can your agents chat quickly, accurately, and empathetically? Are they able to compose a question sequence that diagnoses the customer's problem? An agent might be excellent on the phone or competent when writing e-mails to customers, but chat requires a new set of software and writing skills. In this session, you will learn how you can train your agents to write great chat, which means they will be able to take charge of the chat dialogue, write with genuine empathy, manage delays with grace, balance sales writing with service writing, and communicate accurately by avoiding grammar and spelling errors.

During this session, you will receive:

  • A set of model chats to evaluate;
  • A profile of the type of agent who succeeds at chat;
  • Criteria for measuring the quality of chat; and
  • Strategies for transforming e-mail templates or social media messages into components of chat.


Sell, Don't Repel—The Bridge From Service to Selling
Presenter: Ronna Caras, Caras Training

If your customers don’t want a sales pitch tacked onto their service call, and your service reps aren’t feeling successful with the upsell and cross-sell techniques they are expected to use, then this session is for you. Take a look at the natural human buying process. Then map your service calls and upsell opportunities accordingly. Learn how to bridge from servicing to selling so it sounds natural. Make sure your products are being presented in a way that shows how they add value, instead of just what they cost. Identify the 25% of your customers who want you to never sell to them, so you can stop wasting time. See examples of how pushy language and approaches can be changed so they are a lot more influential. You will leave with a useful template for planning and executing your own “non-intrusive” sales program.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The 5-step human buying process
  • Fresh ways to begin the sales process so it feels organic to the service conversation
  • What you can NEVER expect from your customer service step and why management should stop asking
  • How to decide on a training and coaching plan that will get results for your brand

Employee Engagement—Creating a Customer Service Culture with your Associates
Presenters: Barbara Meyers, Airgas

This session will cover a case study of Airgas, Inc. as it develops and successfully executes a strategy to change culture in an organization that has over 1100 locations, 15,000 associates, 20+ independent business units and a over a million customers that include consumers, small business, large business, government, medical and university segments.

Through this session, you will understand:

  • How to create an environment of positive reinforcement
  • How to get (and use) executive support
  • How to communicate broadly, frequently, and with emotion
  • Why you have to "get personal" with associates
  • How to keep the energy level high within your organization to achieve the best results

Increasing Client Satisfaction and Reviving Customer Relationships with Net Promoter Scores
Presenters: Gary Pudles, AnswerNet; Esther Lopez, Cross Country Home Services

Discover a new way of thinking about customer experience and improving customer satisfaction by using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). AnswerNet, a B2B full-service call center, will share how they initiated an NPS program in 2009 and achieved success. Cross Country, a company focused on offering a full selection of hassle-free, cost-effective home solutions, including warranty products and maintenance plans, will present their success using NPS for the B2C market as a leading indicator for business growth. Gain insights into the NPS process and learn how both companies improved customer loyalty, and subsequently, referral business.

You'll learn:

  • How NPS can easily be integrated into your customer retention plan
  • What solutions/challenges you might face when measuring NPS
  • How can you improve NPS within your organization
  • Strategies and techniques for using NPS to drive a referral program

The Mobile Advocate: How to engage and build loyalty with your fast moving customers
Presenter: Katherine Thompson, Transcom Worldwide; Holly Tiessen, Achievers; Nygel Weishar, Scotiabank

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, savvy businesses are looking for ways to reach a consumer base that is busier than ever and armed with more buying information than ever before. Mobile applications are quickly becoming the next frontier in customer service. The goal of this presentation is to examine how these technologies are changing the ways in which customer experience is delivered and how to build strategies for success that meet the requirements of the business and the expectations of the customer. While reviewing the mobile care strategies of three highly recognized and respected brands, attendees will examine the mobile channels of choice—how they are being used, why they are being used, who is using them, what’s on the horizon; and explore what to consider when putting together your mobile care strategy. The intent of the cases studies is to present a cross-section of industry, customer requirements and strategies for success.

Squashing the Stigma of Six Sigma
Presenters: Paul Makurat, Alta Resources; Aaron Taylor, MyLife.com

You’ll come for the practical uses of tried-and-true Six Sigma methodology, but you’ll stay for the twist: a creative application to empower and engage those frontline employees who represent your brand. Six Sigma has been used by many, but perhaps never like this. In two SOCAP-exclusive case studies, learn how Andersen Windows® and MyLife® teamed with Alta Resources to solve critical business problems in new ways, redefining expectations over what Six Sigma can accomplish as an engagement tool. This session will help you better equip contact-center reps with the knowledge and insights to meet customer needs and, as a result, improve accuracy and efficiency. Attendees will also walk away with tools that will help identify problems already present, as well as opportunities to overcome them.

The Evolution & Future of Customer Care—Back by Popular Demand! (Executive Session)
Presented by SOCAP International's Executive Community; Facilitated by Jon Hockman, The D3 Group

Join SOCAP’s Executive Community in this highly requested follow-up discussion from the 2012 Symposium on how the customer care function is changing, what the future of the profession looks like and what customer care executives need to know. This interactive session will include provocative insights from senior-level customer care leaders from top brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Expedia, Bayer Healthcare and Consumer Reports, along with group discussions on a range of topics impacting the customer care profession now and into the future.

Select topics for this session will be:

  • Building strategic partnerships with the right outsourced partner
  • Integrating mobile in the contact center
  • Going global and what that means in today’s business climate
  • Getting a seat at the C-Suite table
These facilitated discussions will help you create self-developed action plans to take back to your team and your company’s senior leadership.

Building the Regulatory Infrastructure to Support Customer Engagement Brand Loyalty
Presenter: Alena Galante, Galante Compliance Services; Sheila Sullivan, Coty Inc.; Lorraine Dartnell, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Over the last several years, the contact center has become a focus of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of the never-before-seen number of recalls occurring in all industries. The FDA is reacting by implementing new procedures via regulations to manage communication, processes and technology to minimize risk to the consumer. Today’s customer care professionals in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics and foods must comply with numerous regulations and privacy laws. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of current regulations and privacy laws for each industry noted above as well as discuss the impact, if any, on the new technologies and multi-channel engagement tools being used today to target the individual consumer. Although references will be focused on the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics and foods industries, there are pieces of knowledge that are applicable to any regulated industry. Case studies and lessons learned will be presented for computer system validation, product recalls and quality systems development. Trends, current issues, and changing regulations will be discussed. At the end of the session, a detailed strategy/plan in the form of a checklist will be provided for customer care centers to follow to ensure compliance.

This session will provide attendees with detailed knowledge of their business from a regulatory and privacy perspective as well as a practical and definitive strategy/plan in the form of a compliance checklist for them to follow.


2011 Annual Conference: Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds for cancellations must be made in writing (via email or fax) to the SOCAP National Office.  A processing fee of $250 will be charged on refunds received on or before September 14, 2012. No refunds after September 14, 2012.  Substitutions will be gladly accepted at no charge until September 28, 2012.  A $150 fee will be charged on any substitutions made between September 28 and October 5, 2012.  No substitutions after October 5, 2012.  Registration transfers to future meetings will not be accepted.

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