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SOCAP’s Automotive Industry Community is home to customer care professionals from a group of first-in-class customer care professionals from the world's leading auto makers.  This Industry Community focuses specifically on the issues and trends affecting the Automotive sector.

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Since 2005 , SOCAP International has partnered with representatives from nearly every major automotive company to host an annual Automotive Summit. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the summit:

What is SOCAP’s Automotive Summit?
SOCAP’s Automotive Summit convenes a group of first-in-class customer care professionals from the world’s leading auto makers. Each year, SOCAP hosts an Automotive Summit to address the latest customer issues, market trends, technological resources and sales practices pertaining to Consumer Affairs within the auto world.

Who Attends the Auto Summit?
This annual meeting is specifically designed for automotive brands and their major departments—financial services, dealer support and customer support services. ALL automotive brands are invited to participate in the Auto Summit to share and gain insights from other professionals in the field. The meeting is not open to vendors or to companies outside the automotive sector.

The Automotive Summit includes the sharing of benchmark data available only to registered attendees. All of the major automotive brands are asked to participate in the benchmark study in advance of the Summit. Studies are conducted by Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) and cover such major topics as:

  • Technology
  • Self-service
  • First-call resolution
  • Reporting metrics

The Automotive Summit also serves as an exclusive networking opportunity, in which all professionals working outside of the auto industry are strictly prohibited. Roundtable discussions and breakout sessions facilitated by top industry experts are always part of the summit’s content.

Who Decides on the Content Presented at the Auto Summit?
A Steering Committee that includes representatives from Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Ford and General Motors provides the overall direction for the Summit program.

Rosemary O'Malley
Consumer Affairs Manager
(Ford Motor Company)

Jim Moloney
General Director, Consumer & Relationship Services (CARS) 
(General Motors)


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