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Justify Your SOCAP Membership

Justify Your Membership

One of the best ways to get approval for your SOCAP membership is to connect your responsibilities, goals and challenges to your overall membership experience. Listed here are some goals and the ways in which SOCAP meets these needs, so you can make a strong case for renewing your membership.


Justification Tools

To help you build the case to ensure you get the most out of your SOCAP experience, utilize the tools below: 

Membership Value Video [Click to Play]

This short video highlights the many valuable benefits of being a SOCAP Member

Customizable Letter to Management

Customize this letter and provide your manager with a detailed explanation of the benefits you'll receive with your SOCAP Membership.

Click here for your Customizable Letter to Management. 



How SOCAP Supports Your Goal

Professional development that will help you take your department to the next level.

With your SOCAP membership, you will access superior training and professional development opportunities through exclusive members-only savings for SOCAP’s conferences, events and webinars. Your membership also includes a subscription to CRM Magazine, SOCAP’s flagship publication.

Make better decisions for your team, project and organization.

SOCAP provides you access to thought leadership, research and white papers to help you offer solutions based on industry best practices and benchmarks.

Learn how other companies are delivering customer care.

SOCAP membership offers the ultimate networking experience. Through its industry communities and member network of 2,500+ customer care professionals, you will connect with thousands of colleagues in YOUR field, dealing with the same challenges you face.

As an added value, chapter membership is included with your SOCAP membership.


CRM Magazine Global Module

2011 CRM Issue 1

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