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SOCAP’s Diversity and Inclusion Belief Statement

SOCAP’s Diversity and Inclusion Belief Statement

Pursuing, integrating, and embedding Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a leadership imperative for SOCAP’s continued growth and success. Dedicating attention and resources to this effort will help SOCAP by:

  • Strengthening the sense of community within the membership;
  • Appealing to a broader, more diverse audience to increase membership;
  • Creating a valuable, unique, and specialized experience for our membership; and
  • Improving overall organizational excellence, diversity, and engagement.

What does Diversity mean for SOCAP?

SOCAP uses the term Diversity to describe “compositional diversity” which includes, but is not limited to, industry, nation, age, gender, race, physical ability, generation, sexual orientation, cultural background, geography, etc.

What does Inclusiveness mean for SOCAP?

SOCAP uses the term Inclusiveness to describe the model of embedding philosophy, practices, programs/products, and policies which encourages and supports diversity in every aspect of our organization.

SOCAP Core Values

  • Customer care must be integral to the execution of successful business strategy.
  • Education and networking are fundamental to developing effective customer relationship experts.
  • Member involvement is essential to the success of the association.
  • Collaboration and partnerships play an important role in SOCAP’s Strategy.
  • Fiscal responsibility is vital to long-term success.
  • Strategic diversity and inclusion build connected, diverse and integrated networks of customer relationship experts.


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